South Sea

South Sea

måndag 15 februari 2016

Thursday Island, Walben, Qeensland, Australia

When describing how far a distance is Thore always use to say 
( if it's a short one),-well it's like a seven iron (shot)...

It didn't look very far on the map but we were 36 hours at sea.
The last 12 hours, a so called Pilot was on board .How did he get
on the boat and from where? He was important in helping the 
Captain through the shallow waters about 5-15 meters deep with 
many coral reef and also to navigate through more than 275 islands 
within the Torres strait.
This is the western part of the Coral sea where a lot happened 
during the war. Australia and America had a defence facility here.
The island was spared from bombing . It was thought, due to being 
the burial place of many Japanese pearl shell divers.

In 1885 a lucrative pearling industrywas founded and there were over 
200 boats. Workers came from all over Asia including the Japanese.
I remeber seeing films of the freediving men but also of those in 
strange costumes, big round helmets and heavy led shoes to be 
able to walk on the bottom of the sea.
Thousands of young men died due to compression problems.

The shells were those so valuble to the people of New Guinea. It
 became their money and today they still wear them as we have seen.

Were the strait is it's easy to understand that PNG once was one mass 
of land, a tetonical plate I think it is , called SAHUL.
People came at the end of the last ice age 2600 years ago.
When land was rising, the continent of Australia and the island of New
Guinea parted . This is the reason why hey share the same plants and 
animals as eg. the kangaroo although a smaller kind in PNG.

I have written almost the same text three times today and have had 
problems sending it away. I will not write it in Swedish!!!

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  1. Hej Inger, Jag har försökt publicera min text till dig femtioelva gånger i en vecka men blivit utkastat i cyberrymden varje gång. Först ikväll kunde Bobo fixa felet. Åh, så imponerad jag är av alla fantastiska bilder och texter du skickar till din blogg. Vilket äventyr du får uppleva Inger! Naturen är så mäktig och nära och människorna så utsmyckade och främmande. Du är verkligen en lyckans ost nu Inger! Ditt lilla krypin i båten är inte det sämsta heller precis. Vi önskar dig fortsatt spännande dagar och många kramar till dig